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Drivers of change: innovation and education

An essential solution is the innovation and modernization of the water networks operation worldwide. Digital technology puts precise knowledge of the water use within the reach of the water industry, making it possible to optimize its use across all spheres of human activity. But the other pillar of change is education: good practices need to be created from an early age.

Droople is committed to these goals. Our mission is not limited to the development of innovative solutions to better understand, enhance, and manage water. At Droople, we see our role as a catalyst for change. Alongside our partners, Droople is engaged in educational projects to drive sustainable change in the way we use water. Even simple everyday actions can have a big impact, as the saying goes: small streams make big rivers!

world water day

Vivalys School, Switzerland: a Smart Sanitation project going full steam!


In 2020, Droople entered a partnership with the Vivalys School, in the Lausanne area, Switzerland. A workshop about hand hygiene and smart water use was conducted with a class of children aged 8 to 9. In addition, the Droople Smart Sanitation solution was installed in 2020, at the start of the COVID pandemic, allowing indicators such as hand hygiene, liters of water consumed, and environmental impact to be displayed in real time both on the screen in the school entrance hall and on the school official website.

Olivier Delamadeleine, Managing Director comments: “Giving children good reflexes for life from an early age is part of the role the school plays. The Droople Smart Sanitation solution makes it possible to drive children’s awareness to their behavior, by measuring the time and the energy spent washing their hands. By using the Droople Platform daily, children get into the habit of valuing water as a precious resource and using it as best as they can”.

Dive into the Water Challenge of the United Arab Emirates with Water Alliance UAE!

Droople is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Water Alliance Association located in the heart of the Sustainable City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As Silver Sponsor, Droople joined the Re-New Our World Student Innovation Challenge which mobilizes schoolchildren across UAE to address water problems and propose innovative solutions. Alongside other international partners, Droople engages through offering innovation workshops and mentoring hours to the young generation.

The Re-New Our World challenge puts innovation at the center of solving the world’s many water issues, from alleviating pollution to enhancing the efficient use of water. The Water Alliance was seeking partners with novel, creative ideas which is why we turned to Droople. Not only are they implementing innovative, smart tech solutions to manage water efficiently, they are also combining their know-how with education to encourage students to adopt improved hand hygiene in schools,” noted Linda Merieau, Executive Director, Water Alliance UAE. “As a Re-New corporate champion, they are inspiring the next generation to think outside the box and identify new ways to use water better. We’re thrilled to showcase this Swiss ingenuity to our students in the UAE, crossing borders and connecting minds in the process,” added Mrs Merieau.

RE-NEW Student Innovation Challenge