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Droople receives the PropTech Innovation Label: Linking together innovation, technology and sustainable impact

We are honored to announce that Droople has been awarded the International PropTech Innovation Label by the PropTech Switzerland Association as one of the top 20 most innovative Swiss companies in the construction and real estate industry. 

The PropTech Switzerland Association, first academic-based technology association in the building and real estate sectors, was founded in 2018, aiming to increase efficiency, prosperity, and social responsibility of these industry sectors. 

As part of the PropTech ecosystem, the PropTech Academy Association is a regulatory institution aimed to create international standardization and evaluation processes of PropTech companies for quality management systems in the real estate, construction, and finance sectors. Active in the areas of research, education, standards certification, and ranking systems, the Academy evaluates both established companies and startups according to the Innovation Ranking Evaluation Process.

According to this evaluation method, companies are ranked according to their degree of innovation, in 12 categories and with more than 100 criteria, including uniqueness, disruption, technology and human capital as well as sustainability and market needs.

Droople is committed to contributing to the sustainable innovation in the building and real estate sectors, in Switzerland and beyond, through the development of innovative digital platforms, products, and processes.