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We are happy to announce that Droople has been selected as a Finalist of the Hitachi Innovation Challenge for Circular Economy. The final round of this challenge will held on March 23 2021, online. The opportunities for Droople are pitching to Hitachi execs, collaborate with Hitachi, connect to Hitachi Corporate Venturing Office and Proof-of-Concept discussion.

Ensuring the Sustainability of Water Resources

The Innovation Challenge for Circular Economy has been jointly launched by Hitachi’s Water & Environment Business Unit (WEBU) and its Corporate Venturing Office, following Hitachi’s mission of social innovation. Hitachi’s goal is to unite the best innovative forces to support the creation of a sustainable society for the next generations.

Through our engagement, Droople is proud to contribute to the reduction of the global water pollution and the shortage in freshwater resources by providing innovative solutions that enable 1) energy repurposing in a circular way for cooling processes in industrial and commercial facilities and 2) the scaling of water efficiency and smart sanitation in residential buildings. 

Stay tuned for more news on the Droople global collaboration for the Circular Economy!