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Droople equips a pioneering primary school to implement Smart Hygiene & Sanitation

vivalys project

To actively educate and raise awareness of the future generations about the role of water and hand hygiene – even more important in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic – Droople is engaged in promoting the Smart Sanitation Solutions for schools.

Learn about the installation at VIVALYS – the first primary school in the world to automatically measure the level of hand hygiene of its students through connected water sensors. 

Early 2020, during the outbreak of the COVID-19, Droople entered a collaboration with a pioneering school Vivalys (member of the Educalis Group, Ecublens, Switzerland) to introduce the solutions for hand hygiene and raise the awareness of smarter water use among the primary school students.

In the frame of this collaboration, Droople had the opportunity to run a series of workshops to raise youngsters’ awareness of how much precious water is used during a school day and how to use this water in a smart way.


To achieve concrete improvements and to promote the permanent behavior change, the school restrooms were equipped with the Droople Smart Sanitation Solution including the installation of Droople smart sensors at the toilets and faucets, as well as the dedicated Droople Monitor where they can follow et get feedback in real-time.


What does Smart Sanitation mean in practice?

hygiene scores

To reach the best hygiene scores, the students were incentivized to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds (more than 20s is green) – and simultaneously save water in the process (if they stop running water during hand wash, the hygiene score increases, if not it decreases). The data collected in real-time, were displayed on the screen in the school hall in form of user-friendly statistics.

In this way, the school hygiene score is constantly influenced by everyone depending on whether both hygiene and water savings measures are implemented!

Today, the school proudly displays real-time students’ hygiene scores on its website.

school hygiene score

What are the main advantages of Smart Sanitation for schools?

Olivier Delamadeleine

Olivier Delamadeleine
Managing Director of the Educalis Group

“The installation of the Droople Smart Sanitation solution at the Vivalys school proved to contribute to both, the education of the students about the smart use of water, and to the high hygiene score.
Moreover, since implementing this innovative system, the Vivalys School has notably observed decreased student absences due to various childhood illnesses. Started during this pandemic period, this innovative solution has fully proven its value in the long run.”

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