Enabling Sustainable Water Management Worldwide

sustainable development goals

Sustainable water management means the ability to meet the world demand for water today without compromising the access to water for future generations.

At Droople, we adopt and share the holistic view of worldwide water management. It means that we all need to jointly address technical, environmental, economic and societal issues to help preserving water and ultimately, the life on Earth.

2018-2028 Water Action Decade

Together Against the Water Scarcity

To address the growing challenge of water scarcity, the UN General Assembly launched in 2018 the Water Action Decade. Indeed, by 2030, if left unchecked, the rising world population and 40% shortfall in freshwater resources may lead to a global water crisis.

Droople joins this initiative to help transform how we manage water.

water action decade
Sustainable Development Goals
Droople is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6Securing the access to clean water and sanitation for all by 2030

SDG 9Building sustainable cities and communities of tomorrow

SDG 11Enabling industry-wide innovation

SDG 17Supporting the collaboration with partners across the world

Every Drop Counts: Taking Actions Today

Saving Water to Build the Better Future

At Droople, we work to make the world aware that water is our shared source of life. Our solutions are designed to help companies and people around the world to achieve a better understanding of their use of water.

We partner with organizations worldwide to make this vision a reality. Our common goals are the optimization of water consumption worldwide, reduction of water waste and wide access to the best water quality.

Saving Water to Build the Better Future
life without plastic

To enable better water usage worldwide, we provide our customers with the unique Water Intelligence Platform that enables the deployment of real-time monitoring of every water asset. We use the cutting-edge computing technologies to translate raw data into useful information leading to both water conservation and long-term cost savings.

Another goal of our solution is to reduce the overall plastic waste by promoting the use of point of use water dispensers. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will be increasing in the future – only together can we reduce this number!

Join us to preserve water, our shared source of life