The Internet of Water

oday’s smart IoT technologies offer you innovative turn-key solutions to leverage invaluable data insights and meet your key success requirements of today and tomorrow. All at your fingertips, you can decentralize water monitoring with our Swiss IoT Water Management Solutions!

  • Enable fully transparent business models 
  • Establish lean logistics
  • Reduce operational costs 
  • Achieve your sustainability targets 


Your Water Intelligence Platform

Droople full-stack IoT platform provides you with the unique all-in-one digital solution enabling a wide range of water-assets data monitoring. Water Intelligence Platform is tailored for residential, industrial and commercial applications, unlocking water quality and usage intelligence at any point-of-use.

Access remotely 24/7 in real-time the insights on your assets’ health status, maximize their lifespan with predictive maintenance and excel your service with automated consumable procurement.

How it works

CONNECT Sensors retrofit to inline pipes measuring flow and temperature. If required, motion sensors installed for urinal usage.

UNDERSTAND The iLink harvests your data and securely sends to the cloud.

VALUE The cloud platform stores the historical data and process insights useful to your business.

MANAGE Your dashboard app provides remote, real-time monitoring and alarm notifications. Gain insights to consumption, behavioral patterns and the health status of your fleet.

Holistic approach

Integrated solutions, from smart measurement devices to a software platform

Swiss made

swiss made
Enjoy Swiss expertise and a European reference in water management

At all point-of-use

point of use
Retrofittable and adaptable to any water asset


Benefit from a tailored solution because every installation is unique

Join us to preserve water, our shared source of life