Water Dispenser SmartOps

The first solution for Water Dispenser management, combining automated consumables procurement for both gas canisters and water filters. Enable seamless Water Dispenser health monitoring with 24/7 access to your Water Intelligence Platform. Unlock the power of the real-time assets data!

Your benefits

  • Enables pay-per-use business models
  • Eliminate unplanned interventions and ensure uptime of 99.9%
  • Ensure automated re-ordering of gas canisters
  • Ensure lifespan of your consumables in changing water filters and gas canisters
  • Get access to usage behavior insights
  • Offer full transparency of water quality & usage
  • Demonstrate sustainable impact with the Awareness Screen

Key Solution Features

Real-time asset monitoring
  • Remotely track real-time usage (flow rate, pressure, affluence & queue statistics)
  • Water dispenser health status, leakes & anomaly alarms and custom notifications 24/7
Smart consumable management
  • Automated consumables procurement including filter cartridges and CO2 canisters
  • Predictive & usage-based asset maintenance
End-user Awareness Screen
  • Provide real-time insights to end users, including water consumption, plastic bottles avoided, and reduction in carbon footprint.

How it works

Install easily and get immediate access to your Droople platform

Sensors retrofit to inline pipes measuring flow and temperature of the water dispenser, and pressure of the CO2 canister.

The iLink communication module harvests your data and securely sends to the cloud platform, where your historical data are stored and processed.

Access your Water Intelligence Platform dashboard anytime remotely using the Droople app, to gain insights from the real-time monitoring and activate alarm notifications.

Software & Hardware

Install easily and get immediate access to your Droople platform

Access all the data of your fleet at one glance:

  • Monitor your filters capacity through cumulative flow measurement
  • Uncover customer insights
  • See any filter on the interactive map
  • Configure custom alarms & notifications

Hardware & Connectivity

Droople Smart IoT Devices

Droople Smart Flow Mono


LoRa Connectivity


Wifi/4G/Ethernet LoRa Gateway


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