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Smart Sanitation

Reduce your cleaning cost and contribute to a sustainable water usage.

Take the future of B2B services with the cutting-edge Swiss IoT
water & sanitation management system.


Increase your competitiveness

Feasibility confirmed

Optimize your cleaning

Real Time Data

Predict your consumable usage


Identify water & energy savings

Smart Sanitation

tailor-made dashboard

Optimize Your Cleaning Plan

  • Enjoy real-time control with tailor-made dashboard
  • Monitor the affluence and overall user hygiene
  • Ensure cleanliness using real-time data
  • Analyze your assets water consumption
  • Receive notifications of anomalies and unusual usage

Evolutive Solutions Ready to Install

  • Deploy starting with one device only and grow your fleet later
  • Retrofit your restrooms easily with the Droople Smart Flow IoT devices
  • Collect data seamlessly
  • Cover your premises with scalable LoRaWAN gateways

    Join us to preserve water, our shared source of life