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“There is currently no turnkey system out there [other than Droople] for monitoring buildings’ water consumption” 

David Gremaud
Chef de projet Energies at EPFL

“Droople’s ability to provide us with smart water flow and temperature data in real time and at a reasonable cost allows us to consider managing comfort services – distribution of drinking water, hot water for sanitaries, and heat – as close as possible to their use, as is the case with electric meters in shared buildings. “

Stéphane Storelli
Head of Innovation at Altis Group

“Water makes up in excess of 90% of a cup of coffee, it has a significant impact on the flavour of the coffee and the performance of the machine. For many operators, managing water quality through filtration is too complex and they rely on inaccurate measures such as time, which invariably results in cartridge replacements too frequently, or too rarely. In both cases, it costs the business money with excess maintenance costs or repairs and lost revenue respectively. Accurate and timely measures of the water quality result in better tasting coffee and reduced expenses. Every business cares about one or both of these things!”

Andrew Tolley
Director at Tolley Coffee & Tea