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Enterprise solutions

Smart Filtration

Monitor the usage & health of your water treatment systems

preserving water
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Water Treatment Systems are widely used worldwide to provide high-quality drinking water for human consumption, food and beverage businesses, and industrial & chemical processes. Most of the time, these assets are not monitored, leaving the operators and end-users blind to their efficiency, maintenance needs, and cost-effectiveness.

Droople provides you with a telemetry solution based on retrofit, battery-operated, flow, pressure, and TDS sensors to efficiently manage and monitor your water treatment systems such as RO systems, filters, softeners, etc. and dispensing systems like a water cooler, tap water, and water fountain. Monitor their performance easily, enable on-time maintenance, predict the replacement of the consumables like filters, cartridges, UV lamps.

Smart Sanitation

Optimize your cleaning processes and monitor hygiene

Smart Sanitation
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Restrooms, including toilets, faucet taps, and urinals, are used every day and require regular cleaning. Today, it is impossible to know how many times and when these objects are used, so their cleaning and hygiene are not optimal and not cost-efficient. Airports, shopping centers, schools, companies have highly varying flows of people, and the cleaning processes have to be continuously adapted for a high level of hygiene and quality of service.

Droople provides you with a telemetry solution based on retrofit, battery-operated flow sensors to monitor restrooms’ usage and cleanliness anonymously. With the help of real-time toilet and faucet tap usage data, it gives you the possibility to optimize the cleaning frequency, hand hygiene, and the replacement and filling of consumables such as sanitary bins, paper towels, saving both human and material resources.

Standard solutions

Smart Water Monitoring

Leverage Smart Water Data for your individual applications

Join us to preserve water, our shared source of life