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Droople Smart Flow Starter Kit – Twin version


The Droople Smart Flow Starter Kit – Twin Version contains everything you need to start monitoring your water-based asset today!

The Droople Smart Flow – Twin Version is a smart connected sensor that enables the remote monitoring of water flow and temperature from 2 streams.
Thanks to the Droople App, the data from the sensor is available anywhere and provides insightful information about your asset (paid subscription required after 1 year).
Based on a low power technology, the Smart Flow is fully autonomous and does not require to be powered by an external energy source, making water monitoring possible even in remote places.
To cover a large range of water flow, the Smart Flow comes in 3 different sizes: ½”, ¾” and 1”.

Typical installations include : Sink, water tap, heating and cooling system.


Content of the Droople Smart Flow Starter Kit - Twin Version

To quickly start with the Droople Smart Flow, we created a starter kit that includes everything you need to monitor your water-driven asset today!

  • 1 iLink (LoRaWAN communication module)
  • 2 flow & temperature sensors
  • 1 MiniHub LoRaWAN WiFi indoor gateway
  • 1-year access to the Droople App (paid subscription required after 1 year)
  • 1 Torx screwdriver T8
  • 2 zip ties
  • 2 double-sided tapes

Droople Smart Flow Starter Kit - content

Main features

  • Remote monitoring of water flow and temperature from 2 streams
  • Water flow : from 0.5 and up to 45 liters/min (depending on sensor size)
  • Water Temperature : 0°C to 65°C
  • LoRa communication technology for an improved signal performance
  • Lifetime: up to 10 years (with a measurement frequency of 5 minutes)
  • Max data transmission frequency of 10 minutes
  • Easy setup by scanning the QR code on the device
  • Use the map to locate quickly your assets and identify dysfunctional ones
  • Export your data as CSV files
  • Compatible with mobile devices (Android & iOS)
  • Certification: WRAS/CE/FCC/IC/RoHS


Droople App

Visualize all your data, anytime and anywhere

  • Access directly to dashboards displaying your key metrics, and dive into each asset’s details.
  • Our responsive interface adapts to mobile devices as well as desktop-based use.

The system is tailor-made for water-based assets 

  • We cover a wide range of assets such as toilets, faucets, showers, filtration systems, softeners, or water dispensers. 
  • We distinguish hot and cold water streams to provide advanced insights, including energy consumption. 
  • Using inlet or outlet water streams classification, we compare the water metrics going in and out of your asset.
    filters cloud platform ipad

Fleet management tools to monitor your assets’ health in real-time

  • Use the dynamic map to locate quickly dysfunctional assets. 
  • Our health monitoring system continuously verifies the communication modules’ batteries, their cloud-connectivity, and the water flow through the sensor.
  • Plan and report your interventions efficiently with our operational logs.
    map cloud platform ipad

Apply state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms on your metrics 

  • Access forecasted metrics and enable predictive maintenance to optimize and plan your operations efficiently. 
  • Define triggers that notify you when a significant event happens. If you are a service provider, you can then organize interventions to fix issues before your customer notices them.
    toilets cloud platform ipad

Technical specifications


  • Communication: LoRaWAN (EU868, US933)
  • Reading inputs: 2 analog or 2 digital sensors (I2C)
  • Battery: 2600 mAh (lithium)
  • Lifetime: up to 10 years (with a measurement frequency of 5 minutes)
  • Connectors: M8 female connector
  • Enclosure material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 95x54x33 mm
  • Weight: 85 gr
  • Certification: CE/FCC/IC/RoHS

Water flow and temperature sensor

Size ½” Size ¾” Size 1”
Flow range 0.5-20 liters/minute 2-30 liters/minute 4-45 liters/minute
Temperature range 0-65°C
Process pressure max. 17.5 bar
Connection type male G ½” or male NPT ½” male G ¾” or male NPT ¾” male G 1” or male NPT 1”
Material in contact with water Stainless steel (1.4401), POM
Connectors M8 male connector
Sensing technology hall effect and 50K thermal resistor
Dimensions 60x21x21 mm 60x26x26 mm 60x34x34 mm
Weight 120 gr 140 gr 230 gr 
Certification CE/WRAS/FDA/RoHS


You can download the product Quick Start Guide and the User Manual by clicking on the following link: