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Leverage Energy Recovery Potential with Smart Water IoT Systems

leverage energy recovery
According to current practices, the industrial water used for cooling compressors in restaurants refrigeration cycles is usually discharged directly with the wastewater. However, its energy can be recovered and reused – for example, to heat domestic water – helping to reduce pollution and increase the energy efficiency on the catering processes and industry. 

Droople assessed for a restaurant the potential of such an installation using a complete IoT-based system. The solution includes Droople Smart Flow IoT sensor combined with the Droople Water Intelligence Platform. The solution allows to seamlessly transmit detailed data of the cooling system, such as water flow and temperature, as well as operating parameters of the compressors, in 10-minute intervals via LoRa (low-power wide-area network protocol), using a Multitech GSM gateway. The objective was to evaluate if the amount of heat available from the compressors in operation could be reused for heating water.

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Droople IoT Architecture

Smart Water IoT Systems

Offsetting the yearly energy need for hot water production

The analysis of the 2-week datasets shows indeed a high potential for heat recovery from the positive cold compressor, summing up to 4800 kWh yearly. With the yearly requirements for the hot water preparation being around 4000 kWh, reusing the waste heat from the restaurant’s own cooling system has the potential to completely offset the energy needed for domestic hot water!

Today’s technical and data processing capabilities can highly increase the energy efficiency of the catering sector, contributing to energy and water conservation. More and more restaurants owners will be able to swap their traditional boiler-based water heating circuits for modern, highly efficient smart heating & cooling systems of the modern age.

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