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In March 2021, Droople entered a pilot project with Vebego AG, a leading provider of real estate facility management services, based in Zurich. To further enhance the company’s sustainable water usage, Droople’s Smart Sanitation Solution is currently being tested in a large shopping center in Switzerland.

Droople’s Water Intelligence Platform works here as a driver to provide the highest quality of service and hygiene while contributing to significant water savings. Although the pilot spans over 7 months, the analysis of the first batch of data is very promising, according to Thorsten Michels, Director Facility Management Suisse Romande. Indeed, the Droople solution goes beyond the remote monitoring and analysis of water usage data, and allows to improve current sanitation programs by optimizing cleaning schedules in shopping centers via flow and temperature sensors, preventing the legionella risk levels via water stagnation monitoring and much more.

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Smart Sanitation Pilot Project with Vebego AG

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