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Fileder: Digitally Transforming with Droople Solutions

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Fileder Filter Systems Ltd is one of the largest process filtration and water treatment suppliers in the UK, globally distributing to their large network of customers and industries. Taking their fleet to a new level, Fileder entered a pilot project with Droople’s Smart Filtration solution using data analytics to implement real-time process control. This transition would maximize the lifetime of filter equipment, offer transparency to customers with usage-based filter replacement, and offer automated product shipping.

Moving from manual to digital filter management

Fileder Filter Systems provides filters for ultra-fine filtration for a wide range of industrial processes. However, monitoring the actual performance of customer filtration systems often involves in-person manual pressure measurements, which becomes a major task when servicing a largely distributed fleet. To digitize filter management, Fileder turned to Droople with a project aiming to test connected smart pressure sensors to remotely monitor sediment filters on customer sites.

Pressure-drop monitoring of sediment filters

For the test setup, a sediment filter was equipped with the Droople Smart Pressure – Twin device, allowing to remotely measure water pressure before and after the filter connection. Just remove the two gauges and place the two pressure sensors instead.

By measuring pressure at the input and output of a filter, the Droople Platform is able to register the pressure drop (pressure difference). This pressure drop is then used as a direct indicator for the health of your filter’s condition.

An obstruction simulation was performed, after which the pressure difference grew from its normal value of about -0.1 bar to -0.26 bars, indicating an unfit filter condition. The value of the threshold is process-specific and can be dynamically adapted by the system operator.

We also used a flow sensor to monitor the flow rate to compute what we call at Droople the filter resistance R, a metric defined as ΔP/Q (bar*min/liter)which provides a better health metric in environments with varying flow rate.

Using the Droople Water Intelligence Solution allows us to fully monitor our filter fleet remotely. Moreover, the user-friendly platform interface provides a range of other useful data, allowing us to know exactly when every filter must be exchanged and replaced in timely manner, avoiding any downtime. It also provides full transparency for our customers.

This pilot demonstrates the potential of adapting digital monitoring solutions to transform the way filtration services are provided, raising the bar to unimaginable levels.

Martin Ede

Managing Director, Fileder Filter Systems Ltd





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