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Some startups were born in a garage, others in a lab. Droople was born in a kitchen. The visionary behind the Droople concept is Founder Ramzi Bouzerda, a talented computer science engineer with a passion to improve global water management. The Droople story began on the 17th September 2016 at 3:00 in the morning when Ramzi woke up to tend to his hungry baby boy. Shuffling off to his kitchen, he attempted to fill his baby’s bottle with water and milk powder – but was too tired to measure it with any accuracy. It was at this moment that he wondered: why can’t my faucet tap help me to measure the precise volume of water I need to feed my baby? He would then set out to create a device that could do just that, and thus play a huge role in global water conservation – and Droople was the result.


Ramzi has faced the need of water availability and scarcity and how actionable data will have a direct positive impact on waste reduction. With his co-founder Peter Racz, they perceived the fragility of preserving drinking water and the very important need to understand its usage and improve it. With global population and demand continuing to rise, protecting this extremely valuable natural resource is becoming more of an issue every day. And though some efforts are being made to raise water conservation awareness towards consumers and businesses, a viable solution that gets significant tangible results has yet to be uncovered. To enable high impact, they have identified a huge market of more than 36 billion water assets off radar today with high potential where Droople’s solution efficiently manages water assets and reduces water and energy wastes.

Preserve Water: Together We Make a Lasting Change


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